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Update reco (AOD) FTAG config with release 22 b-taggers trainings (DL1dv00, ...)

This MR update the Flavour Tagging content in reconstruction with new release 22 b-taggers trainings. It includs the new recommended tagger which is DL1dLoose20210824r22 named DL1dv00 in EDM

  • 3 DL1r: 1 rel 21, 2 rel 22 trainings
  • 4 DIPS: rel 22 dips,dipsLoose
  • 3 DL1d: rel 22 (DL1dv00...)

Note that DL1 is decommissioned/removed.

Tested with production of an AOD (by locally re-enabling jets/b-tagging in the AOD)

Tagging few people awareness : @vdao @biliu @cschiavi @mguth @pgadow @fdibello @dguest @thuffman for FTAG

Edited by Arnaud Duperrin

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