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PowhegControl: cherry-pick of "Merge branch '21.6-Powheg_ttMiNNLO_Fixes' into '21.6'" - AGENE-2055

Timothee Theveneaux-Pelzer requested to merge cherry-pick-eea29a5d into master

I'm cherry-picking a MR made for 21.6 with further fixes for the ttj MiNNLO process in PowhegControl

See merge request !47381 (merged)

(cherry picked from commit eea29a5d)

adc71d5c Enabling further parameters for ttj_MiNNLO 03276ba2 Adding MadSpin decays for ttj MiNNLO 7af3f601 Fix warning due to integration files which are not produced by ttj MiNNLO d4f53491 PowhegControl: hack for ttjMiNNLO, bypassing problem of hardcoded path in the fortran code

Edited by Timothee Theveneaux-Pelzer

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