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MuonMdtCablingAlg -- Preparatory work to feed cabling with more than 100 tubes per layer

Johannes Junggeburth requested to merge jojungge/athena:ATLASSIM-5102 into master


this is a thorough restructuring of the MuonMDT_Cabling algorithm which should allow us, in the end, to integrate the BIS78 chambers into the cabling database.

  • Break-up of a single execute method into loadCablingSchema and loadMezzanineSchema
  • Introduce the CablingMapData struct which ships all relevant information regarding an Mdt read-out channel in a commonplace
  • Add the possibility to read an extra column ("TubesPerLayer") which allows then the proper decoding of the tube number, layer number, etc in cases where the chamber has more than 100 tubes per layer

Addresses: ATLASSIM-5102

Edited by Johannes Junggeburth

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