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New Hypo Workflow for Jet and Photon TLA

Marco Montella requested to merge mmontell/athena:TLA-Merge-Hypos into master

This Merge Request covers a part of the wider range of changes proposed in !48023 (merged) after the discussion in ATR-24393. While the bulk of the WIP MR linked is being held back by an InputMaker error (see discussion), the following changes to Jet and Photon TLA sequences can be introduced already without causing errors:

Object-copying operation

The central TLA task of copying the relevant HLT-level objects to be written to the TLA stream is moved from a reco-style algorithm to the HypoAlg. This change was spurred by the observation that, under the existing implementation, view-based low-pt objects failing the chain threshold would still be written to the TLA stream if belonging to the same EventView of an object passing the chain.

While this change of paradigm is essential for view-based objects such as Photons and Muons (where it was has already been implemented), the relevant changes were extended to the Jet TLA sequence as well.

Menu changes

The test chain HLT_j20_SHARED_j10_PhysicsTLA_L1J100 was included in the menu to test the SHARED hypo functionality within the context of TLAs


Unit tests are successful, the RDOtoRDO and decodeBS ART test uncover the following changes in the counts:

chainComp INFO     Found 1 chain with count differences:
chainComp INFO       HLT_g35_loose_PhysicsTLA_L1eEM22M:
chainComp INFO         eventCount: 0 -> 2
chainComp INFO         stepCounts:
chainComp INFO           4: 0 -> 2
chainComp INFO           5: 0 -> 2
chainComp INFO         stepFeatures:
chainComp INFO           4: 0 -> 2
chainComp INFO           5: 0 -> 2

While unforeseen, we believe this change in the counts passing Step4 of the chain (the TLA copying step) actually fixes a previously undiscovered bug in the L1eEM22M TLA chain. We infer this since 2 events pass the last non-TLA step (Step3 in the chain), and the intended behaviour of the TLA and PEB steps (respectively 4 and 5) is such that no alteration in the number of counts is expected.

The TLA Developers Team

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