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switch off filling of TGC trigger data to TGC RDO

As reported in ATLASRECTS-6690, the TgcCoinData container has different data each time when we run with multi-thread mode. This is because the TrigT1TGC is not properly filling its data into TGC RDO (the origin of TgcCoinData) at the RDOtoRDOTrigger step. As we have a new EDM, "L1" TGC RDO container, for this specific trigger data for Run3 and we plan to re-write all the relevant codes in the near future (1-2 month time scale), and the use of old TGC RDO container is not relevant any longer for the trigger (this old RDO is only relevant for TGC hit data), I switch off this feature for now. Tagging @toshi @tnobe @junpei

Edited by Masato Aoki

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