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Draft: TriggerMenuMT Jet - Fixing preselection chain part dictionary to allow for combined chains with presel (ATR-24766)

Claire Antel requested to merge cantel/athena:master_preselfix into master

This partially addresses the issue in ATR-24766, following the attempted implementation of combined chain HLT_tau20_mediumRNN_tracktwoMVABDT_probe_j45_pf_ftf_preselj20_03dRAB_L1J15, which however failed from a wrong signature and alignmentGroup settings for compiled presel chain parts.

Two changes were made in

  • Get signature and alignmentGroup from previous last chain part (should be the presel chain part), to overwrite defaults in new chain part which are lists but should be strings
  • Add the etarange explicitly to chainNamePart for the new chain part: The above line fix revealed a crash downstream if no etarange is specified.

This is a temporary fix, as the generation of the presel dictionary should be handled differently, explained by @khoo in ATR-24766.

Requesting to merge this now, so as to no longer block ATR-24031 .

Edited by Claire Antel

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