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ATR-22696: moving CalRatio triggers to up-to-date TrigHLTJetHypo and Menu

Emma Torro Pastor requested to merge emmat/athena:CalRatioMT_withMenu into master

The last MR (!47329 (closed)) failed because it was very far behind and had several conflicts. I'm opening a new MR based on an up-to-date master (as of this morning). The CalRatio code is the same as in the las MR with the following differences:

  • we previously had two independent signature bits (calratio and bibrm). This wasn't working as only one exotHypo is allowed. So I moved them to calratio and calratiormbib, where the last one applies the BIB removal part and the former one doesn't
  • the chains were placed in I've moved them to but I'm not sure this is the correct menu, so please let me know if I should move them somewhere else
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