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ATR-24532 complete Draft MR:Duplicate HLT egamma chains with Phase-I L1 inputs

Damiano Vannicola requested to merge davannic/athena:ATR-24532Latest into master

Closes ATR-24532 Now that the eFEX inputs are available in L1Sim and somewhat debugged, we should start adding Phase-I L1Calo chains provided by eFEX. The lists of chains to reproduce are given below. They should receive the same stream and group labels as the legacy L1Calo seeded chains, except Primary/SupportLegGroup should be changed to Primary/SupportPhIGroup. FYI Christopher John Meyer, Joao Victor Da Fonseca Pinto. I have been fairly strict about not including unlabeled chains from LS2_v1 other than a handful of labeled ones below. Likewise the chains for validation e.g. gsf and dnn have been omitted. Please comment if you notice any missing items. Chains with non-EM seeds but with EM thresholds have been included as well. No eTAU chains have been included yet.

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