MuonCombinedReconstruction - Split a bunch of decorations from the CreatorTool into dedicated algs

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Hi everybody,

this MR is a kind of clean-up of the MuonCreatorTool. Apart from the creation of the MuonContainer and the corresponding combined muon track container, the MuonCreatorTool also adds lots of extra decorations to the particles which are not necessarily part of the core muon data. There was nothing wrong in doing this way, but given that we will store a common MSOE track collection for standard & LRT muons quite soon -- just because the LRT version is a simple copy -- things might become a bit messy, for the handling of the AEOT decorations.

So I started to break these extra decorations apart into separate small algorithms that put into the new MuonCombinedDecorationAlgs package and removed the corresponding bits from the MuonCreatorTool.

  • MuonRpcTimingDecorAlg: Decorate the rpcHit positions, times & identifiers to the muon particle -- currently not configured, but I vaguely remember there was some request to reenable this.
  • MuonTrkIDMSScatterDecorAlg: Decorate the scattering angles of the first and second muon.
  • MuonTrkAEOTDecorationAlg: Decorate the AEOT to the muon trackParticles
  • MuonPrecisionLayerDecorAlg: Calculate the number of good precision layers based on the AEOTs

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