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Draft: TauTrig : HLT tau reconstruction using Phase-1 L1eTAU ROIs ATR-24367, ATR-24282

Antonio De Maria requested to merge ademaria/athena:mr_test into master

Starting issue :

the Legacy L1 ROI collection is hard-coded throughout the HLT tau trigger code. As such, the HLT tau reconstruction will use Legacy L1 ROIs even if the trigger is seeded by Phase1 eTAU ROIs -> This MR is fixing this issue

New features included in the MR:

  • new tracking configuration for Legacy (LeG) and Phase1 (Ph1) triggers : needed because of different ROI seeding

  • new steering functions to drive the main reconstruction sequences using different ROI collections (both in Tau and Calo code)

  • separate online monitoring folders for Legacy and Phase 1 triggers

  • new naming convention for Phase1 chains (can be potentially dropped):

  • tracktwoMVA -> tracktwoMVAPh1
  • tracktwoMVABDT -> tracktwoMVABDTPh1
  • tracktwoMVALLP -> tracktwoMVALLPPh1
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