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BTagging: remove lots of unused tools

Dan Guest requested to merge dguest/athena:cleanup-btagging into master

This removes a lot of tools that are no longer used. They fall into several groups:

  • Tools that are only referred to by themselves, and have no calls from python.
  • Interface classes with nothing deriving from them.
  • Tools that use outdated interfaces (e.g. JetEvent), which we're unlikely to support in release 22 without a full rewrite.
  • Tools that are both duplicates of other tools, and that only refer to themselves, e.g. BTagSecVertexing

I don't think anything here will be useful to the b-tagging group, so to keep people from getting confused I'm proposing that we remove them.

I also changed the permissions on some source files that were set to executable.

Still others may feel differently. I'm marking this as a draft until @thuffman and @duperrin have had a look: this is no rush, just housecleaning that someone should eventually get to.

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