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Include Tau Reco into RecoSteering

Walter Lampl requested to merge wlampl/athena:TauToRecoSteering into master

Follow-up to !49968 (merged): Include the CA-based Tau-Reconstruction to

While testing this, I ran into the following error:

IOVDbFolder 0 0 ERROR Tag CaloH1WeightsCone4Topo-02-000 cannot be resolved for folder /CALO/H1Weights/H1WeightsCone4Topo

Current RecExCommon-based reco doesn't set a folder-level tag but resolves the folder like

INFO HVS tag CONDBR2-BLKPA-RUN2-09 resolved to CaloH1WeightsCone4Topo-RUN2-02-000 for folder /CALO/H1Weights/H1WeightsCone4Topo

Question to @adbailey : Why to we set a folder level tag in the new style tau config?

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