Update of the han-config for Run 3

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I want to merge this change into master.

I updated the han-config for the Run 3 muon monitoring. Based on the discussion at the Muon trigger meeting, I have set up the histograms similar to the one that existed in Run 2. (We plan to add new histograms from Run 3 in the future.)

I tested using below command and had no error. han-config-check.sh DataQuality/DataQualityConfigurations/CMakeFiles/collisions_run.config

The test webdisplay is here (The HIST file used was created with weekly HLT reprocessing, ATR-24840.): https://atlasdqm.cern.ch/webdisplay/test/32/physics_Main/run_360026/run/HLT/Run3/TRMUO/

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