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Fast check that L1 items exist for HLT menus

Teng Jian Khoo requested to merge khoo/athena:master-TMMT-L1DefinedCheck into master

Using the script, we can quickly (5s) import the L1Menu and compare the L1 item from the parsed chains to detect errors. This adds test coverage for those menus for which the full HLT menu generation is not run1 due to the slowness of that process:

  • PhysicsP1_pp_run3_v1
  • PhysicsP1_pp_lowMu_run3_v1

Example output:

Test project /lustre/fs22/group/atlas/tjkhoo/athena_dev/MenuBranch/build
    Start 22: TriggerMenuMT_L1Defined_PhysicsP1_pp_run3_v1_ctest
1/2 Test #22: TriggerMenuMT_L1Defined_PhysicsP1_pp_run3_v1_ctest .........   Passed    5.17 sec
    Start 23: TriggerMenuMT_L1Defined_PhysicsP1_pp_lowMu_run3_v1_ctest
2/2 Test #23: TriggerMenuMT_L1Defined_PhysicsP1_pp_lowMu_run3_v1_ctest ...***Failed    4.49 sec
L1 item not in menu for HLT item HLT_noalg_L1AFP_A_OR_C_UNPAIRED_NOISO
EventInfoMgtInit: Got release version  Athena-22.0.61
Passed: 305, Known failures: 4> No errors found in L1Defined_PhysicsP1_pp_lowMu_run3_v1.log> ERROR: Test L1Defined_PhysicsP1_pp_lowMu_run3_v1 failed with exit code: 1> Please check /lustre/fs22/group/atlas/tjkhoo/athena_dev/MenuBranch/build/Trigger/TriggerCommon/TriggerMenuMT/CMakeFiles/unitTestRun/L1Defined_PhysicsP1_pp_lowMu_run3_v1.log

Bundled with some necessary L1 fixes, specifically eEM+AFP additions to low-mu (attn @nova), removal of ZDC triggers from high-mu pp (attn @amarzin).

FYI @dguest, this rejigs the script a bit so that any menu can be supplied by name, and also hangs on to the results of the parsing for use elsewhere.

  1. MC_pp is covered by Dev_pp, but PhysicsP1_pp includes P1 triggers not in Dev, which may diverge for different beam configurations in the near future. PhysicsP1_pp_lowMu uses the HI L1 menu but has distinct triggers from Dev_HI.

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