Draft: PLR Digitization Implementation

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This MR sets up the digitization for the Pixel Luminosity Rings (PLR) detector.

Because the PLR is made from the same pixel modules that are in ITkPixel, it utilizes the same digitization algorithms as well. Here we are just configuring the pixel digitization algorithms differently for the PLR such that they use the PLR_ID identifier scheme, use the "PLR" instantiation of the PixelDetectorManager, and also access PLR specific data and settings.

I have also implemented the RDO analysis code for the PLR (PLR_RDOAnalysis) which outputs a simple root file filled with PLR RDO data.

In the attached images, you can see the content of the RDOAnalysis root file, the ToT distribution of the PLR RDOs, the global x-y scatter plot of PLR RDOs, and the global z-r scatter plot of ITkPixel and PLR RDOs (you can see the PLR at |z| = 2250 mm and r = 100 mm).





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