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Update L1Topo TOB structure and enable EnergyThreshold algorithm

  • Update L1Topo TOB structure.
    • All jFEX and gFEX XE and TE objects will be defined using four TOB classes (jXE, jTE, gXE, gTE)
    • Allowed TOB types can be found in Types.h file.
  • Update L1Topo EnergyThreshold algorithm to allow all types of inputs.
    • Enabled for jXE, jTE, gXEJWOJ, gMHT and gTE only.
  • Other minor changes.
    • Use > instead of >= when applying the threshold cut inside multiplicity algorithms (consistent with the FW). Related to ATR-24829.
    • Update TOB name LargeRJet to LJet (consistent with algorithm naming).

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Edited by Paula Martinez Suarez

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