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Bug fix of TGC_Digitization

Junpei Maeda requested to merge junpei/athena:digiFix_2022-04 into master

fixed two bugs in the TGC Digitization - The output will be changed.

  • The starting number of TGC channel is 1, but the calculation in TgcDigitMaker::getDistanceToAsdFromSensor(...) assumed to be starting from 0. The last channels per ASD (i.e. 16, 32, ...) used the wrong distance of next ASDs.
  • The time_offset has not been propagated to the calculation of the channel-crosstalk in TgcDigitMaker::randomCrossTalk(...). The member variable m_timeWindowOffsetSensor[TgcSensor] keeps the timing offset per chamber. Although the timing offset for the main channel hit have been calculated by m_timeWindowOffsetSensor[sensor] + getASDpropTimeOffset(...), the corresponding cross-talk had been calculated using m_timeWindowOffsetSensor[sensor] only, i.e. the random cross-talks were generated in the different time.

The bug fix and the reference update for the CI test are needed for the coming implementation (!52022 (merged)), since the bug fix could not be isolated in the update of !52022 (merged).

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