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Restructure P1 menu and take steps to remove PS:Online

Teng Jian Khoo requested to merge khoo/athena:master-TMMT-splitP1 into master

Addressing ATR-25107. Tagging @sshaw, @tamartin, @mark, @lidiaz, @astruebi, @qhu for input.

This is aimed at removing the 'PS:Online' group label, potentially replacing it with other labels as needed.

Data-only triggers now primarily go in the menu, which contains different functions:

  • addHighMuP1Signatures
  • addLowMuP1Signatures
  • addCosmicP1Signatures
  • addHeavyIonP1Signatures
  • addCommonP1Signatures which can then be used to add the P1 chains to the physics lists in different menus. I have mostly transplanted anything that had 'PS:Online' from the various menus (mostly in Calib, EnhancedBias and Streaming slices) into their respective addXP1Signatures function. Monitoring triggers that are in all menus go to addCommonP1Signatures.

With this new file, most of the PhysicsP1_X_run3_v1 files should be physics triggers only, which then refer to P1_X_run3_v1 for their data-only items. The exception is PhysicsP1_pp_run3_v1, which does the following:

  1. Import Physics_pp_run3_v1 and grab the physics menu, this being shared with MC_pp_run3_v1
  2. Add streamers that stream to Main (those in P1_pp_run3_v1 should only go to calibration/monitoring streams)
  3. Import P1_run3_v1 and add triggers from the Common + HighMu functions.

Further notes:

  • Still need to review the usage of PS:Online and ideally remove everywhere. The HI menu in particular uses this very liberally, esp for AFP etc that we cannot simulate(?).
  • The CostMon chain is wanted in all menus, so is a good candidate for inclusion addCommonP1Signatures, but we would probably then also need to add it to the MC_pp menu and take it out of Physics_pp.

Also just for convenience, did ATR-26956 by request here

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