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Draft: update of muonSelectionTool for r22 and run3

Marco Vanadia requested to merge mvanadia/athena:master-mvdevbranch into 22.0
  • adds a IsRun3Geo property to the tool (default false). There is a sanity check that the runnumber is actually compatible with the chosen option.
  • adds ExcludeNSWFromPrecisionLayers property for the tool (default true). If true and in run3, it reduces the numberOfPrecisionLayers of the muon by 1 for muons with |eta|>1.05 with at least one hit in the inner station, which of course affects which muons pass the cuts on this quantity for the different WPs.
  • for run3, only allows usage of Medium/Loose/HighPt WPs if not in expert mode. HighPt will only accept muons in the barrel, if not in expert mode.
  • rejects SA and SAF muons for run3 if not in expert mode.
  • disables ad-hoc code for CSCs for run3.
  • temporary comments out BMG veto for highPt muons, since this regions should have better alignment in r22 (to be tested)
  • adds some WARNINGs in the first event in case there are problems in reading the randomRunNumber from the PRW tool
  • adds a couple of fatal + relative exceptions in cases the data period cannot be correctly identified
  • updates the MuonSelectorToolsTester to identify if running on run2 or run3 and configures the tools accordingly
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