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FastChain skeleton running simulation and MC-overlay in one Athena job

Added a new skeleton that runs simulation and MC-overlay in one job. It provides disk space and CPU savings as no intermediate data format needs to be stored and staging time is reduced.

A new steering option (doFCwOverlay) is defined to run this configuration (EVNTtoRDOwOverlay) because FastChain with the standard PU digitisation is ran by default (EVNTtoRDO).

A new method called readPresampledMetadata() is added. This method checks if simulation MetaData in presampled RDO file matches signal simulation MetaData. Signal simulation MetaData is read from the flags that has been set.

@jchapman, @tlari, @tadej, @lmijovic, @golling, @tcuhadar

Edited by Martina Javurkova

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