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TrigDecisionToolConfig in AthAnalysis

Teng Jian Khoo requested to merge khoo/athena:master-AthAnalysisTDT into master

Follows up !50911 (closed), adds the following:

  • excludes CI tests in AthAnalysis (we probably want to reintroduce some?)
  • prevents import of full HLT Run 2 navigation in AthAnalysis
  • delays imports of trigger Egamma, Tau, ID flags -- should use this pattern for any further additions

With this, I hacked a CP algs job, with the active ingredients:

    from AthenaConfiguration.MainServicesConfig import MainServicesCfg

    from AthenaPoolCnvSvc.PoolReadConfig import PoolReadCfg

    from TrigDecisionTool.TrigDecisionToolConfig import TrigDecisionToolCfg
    tdt = cfg.getPrimaryAndMerge(TrigDecisionToolCfg(flags))

    trigSelAlg = CompFactory.CP.TrigEventSelectionAlg(

and this reported some TDT activity:

AthenaEventLoopMgr                                   INFO   ===>>>  start processing event #779806638, run #311321 0 events processed so far  <<<===
xAODConfigSvc                                        INFO Loaded xAOD::TriggerMenu configuration:
xAODConfigSvc                                        INFO   SMK = 2452, L1PSK = 12251, HLTPSK = 9087
ToolSvc.TrigDecisionTool                            DEBUG beginEvent: check if config update is nessecary (via xAODConfigSvc)
ToolSvc.TrigDecisionTool                             INFO Svc: updating config in slot 0 with SMK: 2452 and L1PSK: 12251 and HLTPSK: 9087 getForceConfigUpdate()=1 HLT Chains: 2496
ToolSvc.TrigDecisionTool                            DEBUG Updating configuration
ToolSvc.TrigDecisionTool                            DEBUG new configuration for itemL1_EM3
ToolSvc.TrigDecisionTool                            DEBUG new configuration for itemL1_EM7
ToolSvc.TrigDecisionTool                            DEBUG new configuration for itemL1_EM12
ToolSvc.TrigDecisionTool                            DEBUG new configuration for itemL1_EM8VH
ToolSvc.TrigDecisionTool                            DEBUG Updating configuration, done with L1
ToolSvc.TrigDecisionTool                            DEBUG Updating Configuration chains. Number of conf chains: 2496
ToolSvc.TrigDecisionTool                            DEBUG Updating configuration, done with basic HLT based on 2496 configuration chains
ToolSvc.TrigDecisionTool                            DEBUG Updating configuration done
ToolSvc.TrigDecisionTool                             INFO decision not set on first (?) assert. deciding how to unpack
ToolSvc.TrigDecisionTool                             INFO SG contains xAOD decision, use DecisionUnpackerStandalone
ToolSvc.TrigDecisionTool                            DEBUG Unpacking TrigDecision
ToolSvc.TrigDecisionTool                            DEBUG Unpacking of L1 items
ToolSvc.TrigDecisionTool                            DEBUG Unpacking of L2 chains
ToolSvc.TrigDecisionTool                            DEBUG Unpacking of EF/HLT chains
ToolSvc.TrigDecisionTool                            DEBUG ChainGroup::HLTResult Counter =  432 name = HLT_j420 level = HLT success (raw) = 0 pass-through = 0 prescaled = 0 rerun = 0 lastActiveStep = 0 name =                            HLT_j420 result = 0
AthenaEventLoopMgr                                   INFO   ===>>>  done processing event #779806638, run #311321 1 events processed so far  <<<===

Attn @jburr, @cjmeyer, @tamartin

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