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Update CA config of AOD outputs for CaloThinCellsByClusterAlg

Thomas Strebler requested to merge tstreble-22.0-patch-97396 into 22.0

This MR aims at restoring some missing MuonClusterCollectionAux variables (namely constituentClusterLinks, eta_sampl and phi_sampl) from the AOD produced with the CA config. For some (not well-understood) reason, the presence of the explicit CellLink decoration in the CaloThinCellsByClusterAlg config interferes with the inclusive setting of the output in

aod_items += ["xAOD::CaloClusterAuxContainer#MuonClusterCollectionAux."]

With the current config, only the CellLink decoration is saved, while the other variables present when running the RecExCommon config are dropped. Interestingly this doesn't happen for the EGamma cluster collection.

In any case, the update in this MR has the expected effect.

Edited by Thomas Strebler

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