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FastShowerCellBuilderTool: switched to reading CaloDD manager from CondStore

The goal of this MR is to make FastShowerCellBuilderTool read CaloDetDescrManager from the Condition Store. To achieve this goal it was required to introduce code refactoring in several places, because FastShowerCellBuilderTool was getting the Calo Manager from the Detector Store in a callback, and then used the manager for filling a private cache. To make this AthenaMT-friendly the following has been done:

  • The private cache of FastShowerCellBuilderTool turned into a new condition object: CellInfoContainer
  • Introduced a new condition algorithm CellInfoContainerCondAlg which builds CellInfoContainer from CaloDetDescrManager
  • Switched FastShowerCellBuilderTool to getting the cached information from CellInfoContainer via ReadCondHandle
  • Added necessary fixes to python configuration scripts, fixed refs, made sure the clients can work with the new code.

More cleanup/refactoring can be done after this MR goes through. In particular, the base class BasicCellBuilderTool has become redundant. Its code can be merged with its only subclass FastShowerCellBuilderTool, and the BasicCellBuilderTool itself can be dropped.

Edited by Vakhtang Tsulaia

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