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Shaun Roe requested to merge sroe/athena:22.0-cleanup-PixelDigitization into 22.0

For 22.0: Bugfix for ATLASSIM-5610. Large log(betagamma) values were outside of the range of the look up table for cross sections, but the last value in the LUT remains a good approximation, so now use that.

Could possibly change output, as we no longer throw away these energy deposits. This is a bug fix for Pixel digitziation, so it is the RDO file (i.e. MC only) which is altered in the first instance. Reconstruction output for existing RDOs will be un altered, but we could see output changes in tests which run digitization/overlay followed by reconstruction. The effect on the output is small - the main effect is to remove a lot of warnings from the digitization/overlay log files.

Edited by Tadej Novak

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