FTAG Run4 updates for derivation CA config

Thomas Strebler requested to merge tstreble/athena:FTAG_CalibTag into master

This MR:

  • introduces a new BTagging.calibrationTag which can be used to manually set the relevant calibration tag, while we wait for a new Run4 condition tag to be updated
  • adds the AntiKt4EMTopoJets to the list of jet collections for which FTAG is run in derivation for Run4
Derivation_tf.py --CA --inputAODFile myAOD.pool.root --outputDAODFile new.pool.root --formats PHYSVAL --preExec "default:ConfigFlags.BTagging.calibrationTag = \"BTagCalibITk-23-00-03-v1\""

yields then non-dummy outputs for the IP3D algorithm for AntiKt4EMTopoJets for instance.

Targets master as urgent as we would like for this to be included in the upcoming tagged release is to run the next Upgrade sample production

alsoTargeting:22.0 to keep FTAG and derivation configs synced

FYI @tadej @duperrin @thuffman @khanov

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