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eT in Electron and PhotonEfficiencyCorrection

Following some discussion with @krumnack about common analysis tools and PHYSLITE we've decided to make the e/y scale factors immutable under changes in the electron and photon calibration. This MR changes the behaviour in the following:

  • both tools will apply scale factors as a function of the cluster eT instead of object pT (both variables are the same in reco and can only become different if users run ElectronPhotonFourMomentumCorrection, e.g. for systematic variations)
  • to account for edge cases where e/y migrate above validity threshold through systematic variations of the e/y energy, allow for some margin before returning OutOfValidityRange

@krumnack, please have a look if this satisfies your needs.

Cheers, Philip

Tagging @turra, @ludovica, @ahadef, @gtarna, @kliu, @nproklov with whom I discussed this

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