TrigEDMRun3: Slim down jet content

Merged Claire Antel requested to merge cantel/athena:22.0_slimJetAOD into 22.0


(1) The jet content in AODSLIM is taking up a large chunk of total file size. This attempts to downscale by

  • Removing dynamic data: @bernius recently implemented the varToRemoveFromAODSLIM list to selectively remove dynamic data for AODSlim. Removing nullptr element links and variables not needed for calibration nor JVT:
    • ElementLinks GhostTrack_ftf and TracksForMinimalJetTag for jet containers tagged for AODSlim.
    • NumTrkPt500, SumPtTrkPt1000 vectors.
    • N90Constituents for all except TLA jet containers.
  • Removing jet container: Realised HLT_AntiKt10EMPFlowCSSKSoftDropBeta100Zcut10Jets_nojcalib_ftf can safely be removed from AODSLIM as HLT_AntiKt10EMPFlowCSSKSoftDropBeta100Zcut10Jets_jes_ftf is not a shallow copy and so does not depend on HLT_AntiKt10EMPFlowCSSKSoftDropBeta100Zcut10Jets_nojcalib_ftf.

(2) Slimming the jet content for TLA. Removing:

  • ElementLinks GhostTrack_ftf and TracksForMinimalJetTag as these pointers will point to nothing
  • Variables not foreseen to be used: AlgorithmType, SizeParameter, InputType. (3) Adding calo quality variables to TLA jets for jet cleaning:
  • LArQuality,FracSamplingMax, NegativeE, Timing, HECQuality,AverageLArQF, BchCorrCell

This affects...

Change in AODSLIM size, data scouting streams size expected.

tagging @ayana and @mmontell

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