EGamma calibration: precision R21 recommendations

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Updating the EgammaCalibrationAndSmearingTool and egammaLayerRecalibTool with the latest release 21 precision recommendations model: es2022_R21_Precision, in addition to the low-mu run recommendations es2018_R21_lowmu_v0 for 2017 and 2018 low mu ( mu = 2 ) data at 13 and 5 TeV. The updates are based on the epic jira ticket: ATLASEG-238 detailing the changes summarized below:

  • Adding new layer recalibration tune: es2022_21.0_Precision using v7 config files (now in cvmfs)
  • Adding new ESM model es2022_R21_Precision and updating layer and Z->ee scale histograms for nominal and systematics (files v25 on cvmfs)
  • Adding new tool for ADC linearity correction
  • Adding new tool for l2 gain correction
  • Adding systematics correlation scheme for es2022_R21_Precision (including new systematics)
  • Overall cleanup of the code

A summary of the updates can be shown in these slides. The recommendations will only be announced after the validation studies using Zlly and J/Psi.

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