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TrigRates&Cost: Update EnhancedBias weighting algorithm

Aleksandra Poreba requested to merge aporeba/athena:eb-weights-run3-update into 22.0

Update EnhancedBias weighting script to handle Run 3 raw input:

  • The algorithm was removed from online (L1 menu will not be available, so we won't be able to compute the correct weights) and the EDM objects delatation was removed
  • The access to the database was updated in python (reading HLTJO and configuring the HLT and L1 Menus)
  • The HLTJobOptions were used to retrieve the list of seeds for the HLT seeded EB chains (low and medium)
  • A bug was fixed of casting the weight to int
  • DEBUG verbosity was increased (and verbosity level propagation was fixed)

The script will be further updated to handle both AOD (commented out for now) and RAW data.

Additional xml will be migrated, containing the bunchgroups, lumiblocks and chains.

Example of created EB weights xml: /afs/

Related to ATR-22175

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