Draft: Create a new muon idperf Zmass TAP chain with ID TAP monitoring (ATR-24998, ATR-25754)

Closed Kunihiro Nagano requested to merge nagano/athena:muidperf_work007 into 22.0
  • A new hypo ("TrigMuonEFIdperfHypoAlg/Tool") that cuts explicitly with SA muon, and links SA muon as well as PT and FTF tracks to decision
  • A new hypo ("TrigMuonEFIdperfInvMassHypoTool") that calculates invariant mass explicitly with one leg SA muon and the other leg combined muon. Also, PT and FTF ID tracks efficiency is monitored as SA muon being probe.
  • A new chain ("mu14_mu14_idperf_invmZid_L12MU8F") is added, which uses the above two hypos. This is to replace the current "mu14_mu14_idperf_50invmAB130_L12MU8F" which actually calculates invariant mass with combined muon, hence, biased in terms of idperf (combined muon is implicitly required).
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