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new muon CP package + derivation framework support for merging prompt+LRT muons 'on the fly'

This MR continues the work by @sagara17 (!53881 (closed)). The goal is to allow the merging of the prompt and LRT muon collections in the same way as done for ID tracks, by both derivation packages and analysis end users. To this purpose,

  • a new muon CP analysis package, LRTMuonAnalysisTools is added to MuonIDAnalysis, supplying an AMG CP tool for removing the overlap between the prompt and the LRT muon collections
  • a new interface for this tool is added to MuonAnalysisInterfaces
  • a common CP algorithm is added to MuonAnalysisAlgorithms which is also used to enhance the LLP1 derivation with a lepton-based secondary vertex collection. This algorithm performs the actual merging, relying on the CP tool to solve overlap cases.
Edited by Maximilian Emanuel Goblirsch-Kolb

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