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Draft:Update the sTGC calibration constants

Chav Chhiv Chau requested to merge chchau/athena:calibParameters into 22.0

Update the calibration constants to avoid having negative charges in the data after calibration. Channels with negative charges cause problem in the reconstruction and are discarded in MR !55062 (closed). So it is important to avoid bad calibration, since the current calibration constants are averaged values and the actual constants are not yet available.

This MR changes the value of charges in the RDO and PRD containers (frozen-tier0-violating ), which can shift the cluster position. The new calibration folder tag also changes slightly charge threshold due to float->int rounding.

Targets: ATLASRECTS-7143 Supersedes !55062 (closed)

Edited by Chav Chhiv Chau

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