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New electron CP package for LRT; convert merging tools to CP

Jonathan Long requested to merge longjon/athena:LRT_electronTool_to_CP into master

This merge request follows !54707 (merged) to move and split the merging and overlap removal tools into a new package so that they are usable downstream as well. It is related to a similar MR for muons !55019 (merged). Tested that this compiles against both Athena and AnalysisBase.

  • Adds a new package LRTElectronAnalysisTools under ElectronPhotonID to collect tools related to LRT electrons
  • Interfaces for each new tool in EgammaAnalysisInterfaces
  • CP alg ElectronLRTMergingAlg added that uses the overlap removal tool to merge collections.
  • The ElectronLRTOverlapRemovalTool implements the overlap removal.
  • Updates DAOD LLP1 to use the new tool configuration
  • CA config of new tools needs to be tested with !55092 (merged), to be done in another MR
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