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CI: Updating collisions express processing test - use 13.6 TeV input + the latest settings

Updates for Run3 express processing test:

  • Updated input to use stable-beams 13.6 TeV run
  • Switched to new x-tag: x675 (HLT monitoring enabled + the latest conditions tag)
  • Increased number of events from 25 to 100
  • Removed AOD digest and content comparison

@tadej @jmaurer , any comments are welcome. Just to note, that also the test RecoRun3Data_Collisions should be updated, but this I will do in a separate MR (it will be change the outputs).

Tagging also @elmsheus who may want to use this 13.6 TeV input for TrfARTTests: /cvmfs/

Edited by Peter Berta

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