Moving ISFParticleVector typedef to ISFParticleContainer.h

Liza Mijovic requested to merge lmijovic/athena:isf_namesp into 22.0

This MR is a preparation for a bigger change to ISF, which will require new typedefs for unique pointer containers of ISFParticles.

  • aim is to use ISFParticleContainer.h for simple ISFParticle typedefs
  • to do this, I move ISFParticleVector typedefs from ISFParticleVector.h to ISFParticleContainer.h
  • The files which are #including ISFParticleVector.h require a corresponding change of the #include (ISF_Core ISF_FastCaloSim ISF_Fatras ISF_Geant4)

With new type-defs, this will avoid proliferation of .h-s and #includes & improve clarity.

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