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2022-08-22: Weekend merge of 22.0 into master

Tadej Novak requested to merge tadej/athena:sweep-2022-08-19 into master

Merging nightly/22.0/2022-08-22T2101 into master (includes also r19, r20 and r21).


  • version.txt
  • PhysicsAnalysis/DerivationFramework/DerivationFrameworkBPhys/src/JpsiPlusV0Cascade.cxx (kept master version)
  • Reconstruction/RecJobTransforms/python/ (kept master version)
  • Reconstruction/VKalVrt/VrtSecInclusive/python/ (made sure imports are properly updated)
  • Tools/WorkflowTestRunner/python/ (copied references to master and bumped revisions)
Edited by Tadej Novak

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