Draft: AthDerivation: Make sure CA-based jobs can run + disable some tests

Tadej Novak requested to merge tadej/athena:athderivation1 into master

This MR adds a few more packages to AthDerivation so CA-based PHYS can run both for MC20 and Upgrade (and probably also for MC21). This only adds O(300) compilation units so it should not increase the build too much (it has almost 20k compilation units already).

By advice from @akraszna I also introduced ATLAS_DERIVATION_RELEASE so we can disable tests. For now I disabled

  • EventInfo overlay tests
  • InDetConfig tests as they all run ~full reconstruction
  • MuonConfig tests as they similarly run ~full reconstruction

I may look at some other tests in the next days. Before undrafting I want to confirm that this is not really tested and the CI will only confirm this does not break other projects (hopefully).

Tagging also @jcatmore and @calpigia for derivations, @npetters and @tstreble for upgrade.

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