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ITk seeding for TrigFastTrackFinder

Contains the implementation of new seeding algorithm for ITk by @demelian. Also contains new standalone python file in TrigFastTrackFinder called "" which allows TrigFastTrackFinder to run as an offline algorithm when added as a postInclude option to For example: --maxEvents=100 --inputRDOFile RDO.29843243.ttbar200PU.pool.root.1 --outputAODFile AOD.root --CA --steering doRAWtoALL --preInclude InDetConfig.ConfigurationHelpers.OnlyTrackingPreInclude --postInclude TrigFastTrackFinder.ITkFastTrackFinderStandaloneConfig.ITkFastTrackFinderStandaloneCfg > output.log 2>&1 &

This does not change the normal operation of TrigFastTrackFinder as the new seeding is off by default. This is part of EFTRACK-7, EFTRACK-4 and EFTRACK-142

Details of new seeding algorithm given here:

cc @smh @baines @hartj @jmasik @nagano

Edited by Elliot Watton

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