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Updating InDetAlignMonitoring and InDetPerformanceMonitoring to version used Tier0 (22.0.90-based)

Dear all,

this merge request is to update the tools used in the ID alignment group to a newer release (last push referring to early rel. 22). The changes refer to some upgrades of the tools:

  • InDetAlignmentMonitoring:
    • Extrapolator and TrackToVertexIPEstimator explicitely passed to the tools.
    • New condition service
  • InDetPerformanceMonitoring:
    • Configurations and cmake updated to the changes above
    • Use of the trigger tool
    • Passing external muon ID selector to the Zmumu tool

Plus some minor fixes here and there. This MR would make athena and the currently used code up-to-date after a couple of month of debugging/development due to the Run3 rush.

Cheers, Paolo - for the ID alignment group

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Edited by Paolo Sabatini

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