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Draft: ZDC Run 3 migration to 22.0, maintaining Run 2, but with mods to EDM

Peter Alan Steinberg requested to merge (removed):22.0-zdc-stage2B into 22.0

Major change to the ZDC EDM and processing, to allow for Run 2 and Run 3 processing. Contrary to what I say in the first comment below, I based this off of 22.0, not master.

  1. ZDC EDM updated such that the ZdcTriggerTowers are no longer written out to StoreGate for Run 2. Instead, the waveform information is copied into the updated ZdcModule_v1. a. We did not make a _v2 update of ZdcModule and ZdcModuleContainer, based on discussions with Attila, etc. The assumption is that we will not be using schema evolution and will rely on reprocessing older data.
  2. ZdcByteStream: Run 3 unpacking (ZdcByteStreamLucrod) now added a. Still fixed length decoding - urgent to modify to adapt to the given number of BC b. Trigger information provided by Antonello
  3. ZdcRec: Run 3 reconstruction now added a. has a major architectural change: requiring the ZdcSums to exist before running the signal processing tool. This is because the unpacking needs a side-level ZdcModule to store the trigger information embedded in the raw data (just for the ZDC High Gain LUCROD) b. Trigger info added to each channel, and side-level trigger sums provided by initial ZdcSum objects
  4. Small modification to TrigT1CaloByteStream to remove reference to ZdcTriggerTowers (AFAIK I did not add this myself in Run 2) - might not be needed
  5. ForwardRec has a first pass at, to accommodate the CA framework (not tested since I don't have a testing environment for it yet)
  6. ZdcConditions has the new Run 3 mapping procedures, based on a .json file in the GroupData area
  7. ZdcAnalysis is still nominal - urgently needs modifications for Run 3
  8. RecExPers has been modified to stream the modules and sum containers for both ESD and AOD. Could be streamlined a bit but should work and be unchanged in Run 3.
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