Draft: [trigEGam] Integration beteween mongroups and TrigEgammaMonitoring

Closed Edmar Egidio Purcino De Souza requested to merge eegidiop/athena:tegmonGroups into 22.0

This MR is to include mongroups inside the TrigEgammaMonitoring framework.

  • A method was implemented in the TrigEgammaMonitCategoryMT reading, for now, the mongoups from JSON local file produced by a ART test.
  • At this moment, only the primary chains was configured, and then, called inside the TrigEgammaMonitorConfigMT.py file .
  • In a next MR, we will include a logic to route chains to shifter and expert folders automatically, according to their respective mongroups.

JIRA Ticket: ATR-25841 .

ping: @safarzad , @cjmeyer , @fernando , @kyjones and @jlieberm

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