Bug fix for SmoothedWZTaggers and proper ANN implementation in AnalysisTop

Merged Chris Malena Delitzsch requested to merge cdelitzs/athena:21.2_BJT_Ntrk into 21.2

This MR fixes a bug that was introduced by !50965 (merged). The Ntrk tagging decoration was not set in TAccept and thus the decision was always False and no jet would pass the W/Z taggers.

Furthermore a typo in the config file name is fixed in the AnalysisTop code for the DNN W/Z tagger and the missing code to be able to run the ANN taggers is implemented.

This MR should not be automatically swept to master as the bug is not present in master (and the BoostedJetTaggers code differs significantly in master from R21.2). For the changes in TopCPTools a new MR targeting master should be prepared as currently none of the UFO supported taggers is implemented in master.

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Also tagging the AnalysisTop experts just so that they are aware: @omajersk @ravinab

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