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add systematics changes needed for PMGTruthWeightTool updates

Nils Erik Krumnack requested to merge krumnack/athena:sys_update_prw into master

This is a number of smaller updates needed for !57599 (merged):

  • Have SystematicsRegistry::registerSystematics accept an IReentrantSystematicsTool object.
  • Have SystematicsCache::add accept a SystematicVariation object.
  • Fix ut_stream_systematics not to place its files in /tmp. This is not strictly needed for !57599 (merged), but it seemed worth fixing at the same time.

Adding urgent since it is a minor change that is needed for !57599 (merged). This should hopefully just work, there is a minor chance that some random CP tool needs an added include, but that seems rather unlikely.

cc @akong

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