VrtSecInclusive: Fix bug in calculation of nPixelLayers in secondary vertexing

Merged Zachary Pollock requested to merge dileptondvanalysis/athena:VSI_bugFix into 21.2

Fixes a bug in the VrtSecInclusive, when selecting if a secondary vertex passes fake rejection based on the number of hits in pixel layers. Previously, nPixelLayers was calculated incorrectly by adding 2^(layer index) when a hit is found instead of simply incrementing.

The VrtSecInclusive algorithm runs at the derivation level, so I ran a test job on lxplus redoing the DAOD_RPVLL to SUSY15 derivation. The job ran with no issues.

This bug is present in both r21 and r22. For r22, this should also be target master. I'm not sure where this should be targeting for r21. VrtSecInclusive is run at both the reconstruction and derivation step, so should it target both 21.0 and 21.2?

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