HDBS1 Updates

Merged Nadav Michael Tamir requested to merge ntamir/athena:HDBS1_rework into 21.2

Updated HDBS1 derivation: A) Added tool to decorate boosted ditau with lead/sublead Ntrack and |q| information. B) Removed lepton, jet and Bjet requirements and added lowest unprescaled jet triggers to skimming. C) Removed resolved tau option and tightened di-tau selections in skimming. D) Loosened JetTrackThinning requirement (and added generic track thinning with AND option) to preserve more soft tracks.

The updated derivation has improved efficiencies in most cases (tested on ttbar nonallhad, V+jets and data)- resulting in smaller output DAODs, while improving real boosted ditau purity in Ztautau events by factor 10.

The abovementioned improved efficencies are summarized in the attached document. ttX_deriv_update.pdf

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