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Adding jFex tower emulator

Sergi Rodriguez Bosca requested to merge serodrig/athena:EmulatedTowers_v2 into 22.0

This MR is meant to add the jFEX emulator. This tool will be used to reconstruct the jFEX towers using the LATOME (CaloCell) and Tile (xAOD::TriggerTower) decoders.

  • The name given for the output container is jFexEmulatedTowers in contrast of the jFexDataTowers

There are some features that needs to be implemented:

  • Encoded energy tool from LAr
  • Masking Scell tool from LAr

both of them are now placeholders (not accurate)

Additionally the Scell and Tile mapping for jFEX are moved to the corresponding CVMFS folder.

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