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Resolve ATLTAU-1818: Tau Eveto recommendations

Guillermo Nicolas Hamity requested to merge ghamity/athena:ATLTAU-1818 into master

Adding support for tau eveto recommendations. Tagging @ademaria .

Closes ATLTAU-1818

  • Support for tau EleRNN veto scale-factor and uncertainties measured in R22 mc20 which are added to cvmfs.
  • Create recommendations tag for 2022, based on 2019 calib files, which are phased out as they become available.
  • Uncommented flag to skip 3p taus for eveto RNN, recommendations to be made available in future.
  • added warnings about depreciation of r21 recommendations and work in progress for r22.
  • Added support for TH1 sf files, previously had to be TH2/TH3/TF1.
  • Update testing cxx to include eveto.


Implements eveto score versioning which is read from DAOD: ATLTAU-1778

In future we plan to switch to read/write handles to retrieve the RNN variables, as implemented in 8890b220. This was started in !54504 (closed) but not tested in DAOD_PHYS. Tagging @martindl

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