Fixing an issue introduced by recent changes to HIGG4D5 which was crashing other Higgs formats

Cristiano Alpigiani requested to merge calpigia/athena:21.2-HIGG4D6failures into 21.2

This MR fixes an issue introduced by !57982 (merged), whose purpose was to add the AntiKt4TruthDressedWZJets to HIGG4D5. However, effectively the AntiKt4TruthDressedWZJets were added by mistake to other Higgs formats causing the failure of HIGG4D6, HIGG6D2, and HDBS1 ARTs. With this MR, AntiKt4TruthDressedWZJets are added to HIGG4D5 only. Local tests show that HIGG4D6, HIGG4D5, HDBS1 (and HIGG4D5) jobs are now running fine.

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