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Tune sTGC simulation charge to data

Alexandre Laurier requested to merge alaurier/athena:STGC_Gain into master

Improve upon the sTGC digitization to better reproduce the charge that are measured within the latest data. Currently in master, the total charge created per hit is about 4x too high, caused by an incorrect tuning of the sTGC digitization. The simulation uses test beam data running at HV>=2.9kV to tune the digitization and this does not represent current running conditions.

We now decide to make the gas gain due to the electron avalanche a tuneable parameter according to the running conditions of the sTGC HV. The HV parameter must be in units of kV. The gas gain is parameterized from a fit to data and simulation described in ATL-MUON-PUB-2014-001.

The latest distributions of cluster strip multiplicity and channel charge are in much better agreement to data than what master can produce.

Results already presented to the muon SW coordination group and the NSW software integration team. Approach approved by sTGC digitization team.

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