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Fix for sTGC as-built conditions

Stylianos Angelidakis requested to merge (removed):dev_asbuilt into 22.0

Some optimizations in view of as-built conditions:

  1. Bugfix: For sTGC's we measure strips in pitches, (3.2mm), not width (2.7mm).
  2. Optimized the sTGC as-built transformation to handle positions between strips, as it is for MM (not to put everything on the strip center).
  3. Some protection for layers or cathode board elements that may not have as-built corrections at all.
  4. Finally, I noticed that the B-field correction can kick a cluster position slightly out of the active area (only for clusters on the very outmost strips). It's not the job of the as-built transformation to reject those cases, just to correctly apply the transformation. Applied the necessary change for this.

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